“To a degree that one can say “loved it” about gum surgery, I loved being a patient of doctor Madjid Matin’s. He is a supremely skilled surgeon, and a kind, pleasant, charming, and considerate man. He listens to and addresses his patients’ concerns, explains what needs to be done, and how he will do it. His demeanor is very deliberate and gentle, which is pleasant and reassuring, particularly when there is a scalpel in your mouth. His medical and administrative staff are very professional and pleasant, and the office is bright and attractive.

I have had four nearly identical surgical procedures on my gums. The first, performed by another highly regarded surgeon in town, left me incapacitated for several weeks due to nerve damage. Doctor Matin performed the other three and each time I was able to get on with my day as soon as I got out of the chair. I would never consider going to anyone else.”

– Vlatka

“Thank you for all of your work on my behalf.
Now it’s time to sit back and laugh.
It was kind of rough
But you really know your stuff
Before I would only smile for a while
But now it’s more like a crocodile
So thanks again and continued success
My heart-felt gratitude to you, I express”


“Nothing required to improve care. I appreciate the detailed information provided and feel confident that I am in capable hands.”

– Constance

“From the moment I walked in the door until I left, everyone was friendly, professional and wanted to make sure I was comfortable. This was my second gum graft surgery (first one, elsewhere), and compared to the last one, there was hardly any discomfort this time. I am ready to schedule the next one!”


“I cannot express how amazing your office staff is. Nisa is wonderful. Above and beyond. Thank you!”

– Lisa

“Superbly welcoming staff, professional care, individualized attention, excellent and caring. Dr. Matin, it’s a pleasure to visit your office.”


“As always, the entire experience was exceptional. I appreciate the help from Darlene with paperwork I need to send to Delta Dental. Beth is wonderful. Coming here is a great personal gift to me.”


“Outstanding, consistently! Very patient-oriented by all staff and exceptional periodontal care.”


“I am filled with deep gratitude for the your exceptional level of professionalism, kindness and support during my procedure. During my moments of nervousness, someone was there to keep me calm and they were filled with an abundance of compassion. When the procedure was done, someone was there speaking words of blessings for a successful procedure. Dr. Matin is truly an expert at your professional craft and I am grateful that he was my doctor. He took the time to explain each step to me during my consult and answered my many questions along the way. The genuineness of how much everyone cares really shines through and separates them from the rest.”

– Sabiha

“The procedure was much better than when I’ve had the same work done by others. Wonderful!”

– Anonymous

“I am not a new patient; however, “Exceptional” should be Dr. Matin’s middle name.”


“Great doctor! Great team!”


“Keep up the great care and making this a super dental care experience!”

– Victor

“Dr. Matin and his team are exceptional- always efficient, courteous, patient, caring and with an excellent sense of humor!”


“As a dental professional and having worked in the dental field for nearly 30 years, I feel extremely fortunate to have had Dr. Matin extract my molar and perform a bone graft. I have seen first hand his excellent and skillful work. From Nisa’s wonderfully calming voice on the phone and warm welcome when I first arrived to Ti’s gentle touch and articulate post op instructions, Dr. Matin and his team really sets the gold standard! Dr. Matin’s wonderfully kind and patient disposition made the surgery a breeze. Before they even started they made sure that I was absolutely comfortable with a blanket and goggles to watch a movie, I felt like I was in a cocoon! Dr. Matin carefully explained everything and worked quietly with his assistant reassuring me along the way, encouraging me to let him know if I experienced any discomfort, which I did not. He has a very gentle touch and when he was finished he put a warm towel on my face and briefly gently massaged my jaw joints. The icing on the cake and a testimony to Dr. Matin’s supreme workmanship is that I’ve have had very little discomfort and absolutely no swelling. I would highly recommend Dr. Matin to anyone. ”